Yellow Dog UK Success Stories


rayne2“Rayne is a 4 year old Border Terrier.  She possesses a typical terrier nature, as in she was bred to be feisty, resilient and fearless. Rayne gets anxious around boisterous dogs, especially when on lead.  Rayne also began to suffer from tummy troubles and by the time she was a year old, she was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease.  For the following year we tried several exclusion diets to try to control her issues, sadly she ended up on steroids long term in order to control and alleviate her discomfort.  Understandably, when she is in a lot of discomfort with her tummy, she becomes terribly grumpy.

Training has been on going with both Rayne and I, and we compete in agility and flyball. Sometimes people are not very understanding when I have asked them to keep their dogs away from Rayne which is where Yellow Dog UK has helped! We discovered Yellow Dog UK in January 2013 and I cannot thank them enough for their support as well as their invaluable products.  The ribbon and vest really helped with training as well as our daily walks.  I also took it upon myself to contact local press and canvassed by putting up posters around all the places we walk as well as taking the posters to local vets, schools and community centres.  I would take every opportunity to talk with people about Yellow Dog and what it means.  I have also set up small Yellow dog tables at agility and flyball shows around my area.


Rayne’s training has come on leaps and bounds because people now respect our space and we theirs.  Walks are now great pleasure and the bond between Rayne and I has also grown because I am more relaxed and trusting with her, clearly she feels the same way. I highly recommend Yellow Dog UK products as a helpful training aid but it is important for people to remember that it can take time for word to get around about what the yellow ribbon means, and for that to happen you may have to help get the information out there in your community as I have in mine with great and continued success. Rayne now has another adopted dog living with her and a lot of the time she can be walked without the yellow ribbon or vest.”

Yellow Dog UKTM is a registered charity raising awareness that some dogs and their owners may need space for a variety of reasons when out in public. We pledge to supply free yellow ribbons to owners whose dogs needs space and that all donations will be used to promote and raise awareness of the campaign. View our charity registration certificate HERE.

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