Serene-UM & Yellow Dog UK

Yellow Dog UK is proudly supported by Mark + Chappell and their pet-calming solution Serene-UM. 

Mark + Chappell have taken concrete steps to support Yellow Dog UK, having completely rebranded their popular natural calming product Serene-UM to raise awareness of our message – ‘Some Dogs Need Space’.

Every special pack of Serene-UM contains information on Yellow Dog UK and a donation is made to support our charity with the purchase of every pack. 

VETIQ Serene-UM – Newly Branded Yellow Dog UK Partnership Mark + Chappell 200px

A Yellow Dog UK leaflet is inside every special pack of VETIQ Serene-UM



Calming Tablets

VETIQ Serene-UM is a natural dietary supplement containing a specially formulated blend of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals and has been recommended by vets to combat tension and stress in pets without having a sedative effect.


Serene UM Reduce Anxiety - Mark and Chappell

Helps reduce anxiety

Serene UM Relaxing - Mark and Chappell

Just relaxes non sedating

Serene UM Improve Concentration - Mark and Chappell

Helps improve concentration

Serene UM Improve Concentration - Mark and Chappell

Supports calm behaviour

Why are Serene-UM and Yellow Dog UK a great match?

Mark + Chappell are a progressive creator of health products for pets and they are consistently trying to find ways to make the life of dogs healthier, happier, safer, and more rewarding. The whole Mark + Chappell team has really bought into our message here at Yellow Dog and they have committed to helping increase awareness of that message to help improve the quality of dogs’ lives across the UK and Ireland.

The positive benefits that Serene-UM can have on our pets’ quality of life perfectly mirrors this goal, making it the perfect fit for us at Yellow Dog UK. With every box of Serene-UM sold, a dog’s life gets that much calmer, and now every box sold helps to support Yellow Dog UK in spread awareness that Some Dogs Need Space.


A donation will be made to Yellow Dog UK every time a customer purchases a special promotional pack of Serene-UM.

Yellow Dog UK is a registered charity raising awareness that some dogs and their owners may need space for a variety of reasons when out in public. We pledge to supply free yellow ribbons to owners whose dogs needs space and that all donations will be used to promote and raise awareness of the campaign. View our charity registration certificate HERE

Registered Charity No.: 1153038
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