What is Yellow Dog UK?

Yellow Dog UK promotes awareness and understanding of dogs who need space, also known as “yellow dogs”. These are dogs that may be nervous, in training, recovering from an injury or illness, being rehabilitated or simply dogs that prefer to keep their distance from people and other dogs.

Yellow Dog UK provides a range of resources and information for dog owners, including guidance on how to manage reactive dogs and a directory of sponsors that support the yellow dog cause. We offer a range of products, such as yellow vests, leads, lead covers, lead flags etc, to help dog owners signal to others that their dog needs space.  Our aim is to help increase awareness and understanding of dogs who need space. By educating dog owners and the public we hope to create a safer and more harmonious environment for dogs and their human companions.

If you see a dog with a YELLOW ribbon, bandana or similar on the lead or on the dog, this is a dog which needs some space.  Please do not approach this dog or its people with your dog. They are indicating that their dog cannot be close to other dogs. How close is too close? Only the dog or the dog’s hoomans know, so maintain distance and give them time to move out of your way. 

It’s important to note that wearing yellow does not mean that a dog is aggressive or dangerous. It simply serves as a visual reminder that the dog may require space, caution, or special considerations. It’s crucial to respect the yellow and refrain from approaching or interacting with the dog without explicit permission from the owner or handler.

Information Videos

Watch our video to discover more about the Yellow Dog UK campaign.

Why might a dog need space?

There are many reasons why a dog may need space

It may…

•  have health issues
•  be a rescue dog being rehabilitated
•  have had a bad experience with another dog
   or is just not like the kind of friendly dogs
   which always want to say “Hi!
•  be a bitch that may be in heat
•  be in training
•  be very old and arthritic
•  be nervous or shy

In short, a yellow marker on a dog means it needs some space

Help bring awareness by making yourself identifiable with one of the many products available through Yellow Dog

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Yellow Dog UK is a Registered Charity raising awareness that some dogs and their owners need space.  We pledge to supply free yellow ribbons to owners whose dogs needs space and that all donations will be used to promote and raise awareness of the campaign. View our charity registration certificate HERE

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