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Dog First Aid Merseyside provides unique training courses teaching canine first aid. The courses have been developed with vets provided throughout Merseyside, Bolton Wigan and surrounding areas, and are specifically for dog owners or those who work with dogs. The courses will teach you how to administer dog first aid for a range of common injuries and first aid scenarios. Dog First Aid Merseyside offers a range of courses including Emergency Canine Care and Health Awareness for Flat Faced Breeds.  Yvonne Jones runs Dog First Aid Merseyside and has been a dog lover all her life. She always wanted to work with dogs and after attending a dog first aid course she instantly felt more confident and comfortable that she would know what to do if the need arose. Yvonne realised that having attended the course teaching first aid to others was what she wanted to do so others would have the same comfort. Having been a trainer in previous roles she is now combining her passion for animal welfare with her love of teaching others.  You can call Yvonne on 07425 195794 or email at merseyside@dog-first-aid.com www.facebook.com/dogfirstaidmerseyside www.instagram.com/dog_first_aid_merseyside/  www.dog-first-aid.com/locations/merseyside

Hi, my name is Katharine, and I am a TTouch Practitioner and dog trainer. I am the owner of Canine Support based in Somerset. I specialise in sensitive, fearful, anxious and nervous dogs, particularly bull breeds and rescue dogs. Because of this, I offer a variety of online training courses as learning new skills for you and your dog is most effective by starting at home, in the garden and other low stress environments. I only use kind and gentle training methods, encouraging self-confidence and improving your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I work closely with clients to ensure you build an incredible bond between you and your dog, supporting you with any difficulties you might have and giving you the tools to tackle stressful situations positively. You can contact me at info@caninesupport.co.uk to book a free call to discover how I can support you and your dog. www.caninesupport.co.uk

Junior Hudson is a Canine Integrative Wellness Consultant. Specialising in behaviour, nutrition & holistic health he integrates a multi-disciplinary approach to canine wellness through his practice; Heal The Dog.  An associate member of the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies and affiliate of the International School of Canine Psychology & Behaviour, Junior has assisted the Kennel Club in updating and modifying health recommendations for owners and breeders and has worked alongside leading experts in the field worldwide. Junior provides pet parents with behavioural and dietary advice, tailoring holistic protocols and bespoke recipes, including for dogs with health conditions such as autoimmunity, cancer and gastrointestinal issues. He has advised clients worldwide and on occasion even British Royalty!  Junior has written numerous articles for pet health magazines and is also the behaviour & nutritional consultant for leading dog food brands and other pet industry businesses, pet food formulating to FEDIAF standards.  www.healthedog.co.uk.

NarpsUK is a membership organisation dedicated to helping pet sitters run legitimate, professional businesses. We offer training, CRB checks, business plans, licensing & insurance, support & advice, members forum, info sheets and more! www.narpsuk.co.uk

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