​I NEED SPACE™ double handle 1.5m (5ft) dog lead

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Official Yellow Dog UK "I NEED SPACE" double handle lead. Let others know your dog needs space. The lead is 25mm wide and made of 2mm thick soft heavy duty nylon webbing with the wording “I NEED SPACE” each side three times embroidered in black lettering. It is tough, heavy duty, durable and comfortable.

The lead has TWO padded easy grip soft neoprene handles, providing increased control and flexibility and comfort during longer walks or when handling a strong or energetic dog. One handle is 50cm (18 inches) from the clasp and there is also a D-ring at the second padded handle to clip poop bags or other accessories.

The second handle, positioned closer to the dog’s collar or harness, provides a shorter lease length and gives better control in situations that require more restraint, such as near traffic or when passing other dogs or people.

The dual handle design offers versatility in different walking situations. You can use the longer handle for relaxed walks or when giving your dog more freedom to explore, while the shorter handle provides quick and immediate control when necessary.

The lead can be used for various reasons, it typically indicates that the dog has specific needs or requirements regarding social interactions. The goal is to communicate the dog's needs and ensure the well-being of both the dog and those around it. It's crucial for people encountering a dog with an I NEED SPACE lead to respect the owner's request for space and avoid approaching the dog without permission.

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