Yellow Dog UK™ BioThane training lead – 5 metres long with hand loop

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Official Yellow Dog UK Biothane training lead. For dogs of all sizes, our new Yellow Dog branded BioThane training leads are waterproof, weatherproof and mould resistant and the perfect lead for dog and puppy training for your Yellow Dog. The leads are lightweight and flexible and the material is extremely strong - and smell-proof!

BioThane can be wiped clean, will retain its appearance and won’t absorb water meaning the lead remains the same weight (approx. 300g). Even when its chilly the lead remains flexible. It’s great for walking, hiking and jogging with all dogs no matter if they are mild to heavy pullers.

As some dogs have issues that mean you don’t feel you can let your dog off the lead, this lead will allow your dog to get that extra bit of space it needs for a run round the park while you ultimately remain in control at the end of the lead.

Yellow on a dog can be used for various reasons, it typically indicates that the dog has specific needs or requirements regarding social interactions. The goal is to communicate the dog's needs and ensure the well-being of both the dog and those around it. It's crucial for people encountering a dog wearing yellow to respect the owner's request for space and avoid approaching the dog without permission.

  • Length: 5 metres
  • Width: 20mm
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Packaging: zip-lock bag
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