We all know how different seasons can affect our behaviour and feelings and this is something that can also be felt by our dogs. As spring is a season of change, thankfully where the weather improves and we all begin to embrace nature just that little bit more, it is naturally a time of change for us all. So as we perhaps feel more energised, so too can our dogs and the joy of spring can be seen in their behaviour and attitude. They may seem much more energetic and playful than previously, so it is time to spend more time outside, whether for a walk or in the garden. Allow your dog to enjoy the weather and to move away from the slightly slower winter pace. Spring is also a time of so many new smells and heightened senses, so many baby animals in the fields that create lots of exciting smells, so it’s vital to make sure your dogs cannot run off after these smells, make sure your gardens are secure, no chasing of muntjacs, squirrels, pheasants, however much they tease! Keep your dogs on leads when out for walks and using the Yellow Dog leads can ensure you and your dog enjoy a relaxed walk with no interruptions.

 Some dogs of course may also  start malting more as their coats prepare them for summer. Recently,  chatting to a friend who has a husky, the realisation of malting was highlighted and because her house has been too warm over winter her dog  started malting in February! Of course, makes sense that you may want to spend more time outside with a malting dog, saves on the hoovering a little! Spring may also introduce hayfever to many of us and this can affect our dogs too. So keep an eye open for extra itching, scratching, rolling, maybe a little shower down after a long field walk to clear the pollen would help alleviate these issues for your dog too.  All this extra activity may also mean your dog is wanting more to eat, so make sure they have good quality healthy food to feed this new spring energy.

Above all enjoy your new spring energy with your dog and have fun!