It’s that time when so many people are sniffing and sneezing with the pollen high and flying around, when hayfever can really make life challenging for those that suffer badly. So it is also useful to know that our dogs can suffer too! and to think about how we can help them if this is the case.

More often than not though,  this hayfever will not manifest itself in dogs with sniffing and sneezing but more likely to be that this affects their skin and so they may start scratching, itching or chewing their paws. Of course,  this is not ideal and something that you can contact your vet about for professional advice and perhaps also we can help them with basic help at home, from washing their paws to using a wet flannel to actually wipe the pollen off their fur after a walk. Regular showers can help clean away the pollen as well as regular washing of cushions and bedding. However do not then be  tempted to hang their bedding on the line, as sadly it will just regather pollen! So if you can dry indoors, annoying as that is on a windy summers day, it will be better as the pollen cannot land back on our dogs fur. Always good to then check their paws to make sure no grass seeds have lodged in between their claws.

As Yellowdog UK’s Alison Gibson-stark explains –

‘Who doesn’t love long summer days, all the windows open in the house, walks over the park?  Half a ton of Piriton in my back pocket to stop me sneezing and my itchy eyes ….. Summer and the pollen season can bring lots of unwanted symptoms and just like us hoomans, my dog also suffers from a pollen allergy.  In fact its thought that around 10% of dogs suffer from hay fever to some extent’.

Our Yellow Dogs may have enough on their mind when out for their summer walks, so let’s help them not to have to suffer to much with hayfever too if we can!